Watch this TekTips video to learn the easy process of wiring an arduino to a ClearPath integrated servo motor. Find out more below:

Microcontrollers are an excellent way of controlling and monitoring the state of ClearPath’s digital inputs and outputs. In this video we wire ClearPath to the popular Arduino Uno and explain the steps in a simple, straightforward process. After the detailed wiring diagrams and connections are explained we take a look at some example code in the Arduino IDE. Through this, we see what can be done in only a few minutes when combining ClearPath with microcontrollers. Please note, this video just scratches the surface of what can be accomplished, but it can be used as a good starting point. More ClearPath/Arduino videos are being planned, but feel free to give us suggestions for specific videos to make.

0:28 Demos
1:00 Inputs/Outputs
1:40 Physically Wiring ClearPath to Arduino
2:26 ClearPath Input/Output Diagram and Pins
4:40 Wiring Diagrams
5:15 Arduino Code and Scope/Strip Chart

To see the overview videos of three ClearPath Motors click these links:
ClearPath MC:
ClearPath SD:
ClearPath SC:

Source code used in this video:

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