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How to make DIY mini CNC Machine 2020 Complete Guide with Arduino UNO and Old DVD ROM
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Download these 4 zip files from below link for This Project
1. grbl-mi z_servo & xy_steper 0.9J.zip
(this one code file for Arduino uno)

2. GrblController361Setup.zip
(this is software file for run the machine from Gcode)

3. Inkscape-0.47.zip
(this is g code genrater software download same version other version not working only ver: 0.47 working)

4. MI Inkscape Extension.zip
( this is inkscape extension files genrate Gcode for Z- Axix servo motor type spindle & work with GRBL0.9j .
copy 4files and paste into this location
“C:Program Files (x86)Inkscapeshareextensions” )

5. sample Gcodes for testing

Components Details :
1. Arduino UNO
2. Arduino Stepper Motor CNC shield v3,0
3. 2 x A4988 Stepper Motor Driver
4. 2 x old DVD Drive for Stepper Motor
5. Ball Point Spring Return
6. Tower Pro SG90 Micro Servo Motor…
7. Female Header 4 pin 2 pieces
8. Ribbon cable 4 core 2 pieces
9.power supply DC 12 volt 2 Amp
10.Stepper Motor housing from old DVD Rom 2pcs
11.Acralic sheets
1. width ( 4cm x 6cm ) lenth Thikness 5mm
2. width (15cm x 25cm) lenth Thikness 5mm
12. metal sheet width(6cm x 8cm)lenth Thik 0.5mm
13. wire Clip 10mm 2 pieces
14.Pcb Mount Spacers 10mm 20 pieces
15. Screw with nut below size
4mm screw 40mm long with nut 6 pieces
4mm screw 70mm long with nut 2 pieces
3mm screw 8mm long with nut 6 pieces
3mm screw 12mm long with nut 6pieces

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