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1 = Arduino coding

2 = Bluetooth rc car APP

3 = ArduinoDroid APP

Arduino Uno: https://www.flyrobo.in/arduino_uno_r3_with_cable_for_arduino_uno?tracking=5d044d78bca20

HC-05 Bluetooth Module: https://www.flyrobo.in/hc_5_bluetooth_wireless_uart_module?tracking=5d044d78bca20

L298N Motor driver Module: https://www.flyrobo.in/l298n_motor_driver_module_for_arduino?tracking=5d044d78bca20

Mere channel ki beast videos.

Arduino project videos

robot tank parts unboxing

how to make robot tank

:-how to male all in one drill machine

:- how to make 12v chargeable cooler with ac cooling ped.

:- how to male glue gune using mosquito repellent machine

:- how to make steam engine at home.

:- how to make 12v high speed drill machine.

:- how to make 12v 8amp battery only 80 ₹

:- how to make 12v 775 high speed motor.

:-how to make smart soldering iron.

:- how to make Mobile control Bluetooth Robo car ( Arduino project )

:- how to make drone

:- how to make 12v high speed graider machine.

:-how to make dc power supply box without any ic.

:- how to charger 9v battery

:- how to male soldering iron with pencil

:-how to make drone propeller.

:-how to make gas welding

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