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This video is about how to make simple Arduino based Tachometer.
Watch full video for step by step tutorial to know how to make a Tachometer(RPM Meter)

Working principle:-
IR Sensor get penetrate by motion of motor shaft, signal are transfer from IR Senor module to Arduino.
This signal are processed in Arduino according to code loaded on it.Then Arduino transfer signals to LCD Screen to display RPM

Circuit drawing :-
Arduino code download link :-

Detail instructions at : –

IR Sensor Arduino
OUT—————–2(digital pin no. 2)

16X2 LCD Arduino
VSS—————— GND
VCC—————– +5V
VEE—————— POT
RS——————– 12
R/W—————– GND
E——————— 11
DB4—————— 6
DB5—————— 5
DB6—————— 4
DB7—————- 3
LED+————— +5V
LED—————– GND

Material required

1) IR Sensor module :-
2) LCD Screen :-
3) Arduino Nano :-
4) Zero PCB :-
5) Header pins :-
6) 9V Battery

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