Today we will make trash bin with robotized cap on Arduino! I used XOD to prototype this system.
Learn more about XOD ► (launch IDE to open tutorial)
XOD channel:
★ Pass your hand to open the cap
★ Cap will not close while your hand is above the sensor
★ Cap will close some time after you remove your hand
★ Energy saving algorithm and hardware modifications allow this bin be in standby mode almost a year on 3 AA batteries!

► GitHub (scheme and sketch)

► Components
✓ Arduino NANO
✓ Range sensor
✓ Servo
✓ Battery holder
✓ Box
✓ Resistor 100 Ом
✓ Resistor 10 кОм
✓ Highly recommend to use electrolytic capacitor 10V 470-1000 uF

► Page on Instructables

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★ Me on GutHub
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