DIY Home Security – New Video:

In this tutorial we will learn how to make an Arduino Security Panel System with using Keypad and LCD Display.We will be able to open the door by entering the correct password.

Required Hardware:
Arduino Board –
Keypad 4×4 –
LCD 16×02 –
Breadboard –
Potentiometer 10k –
Resistor 220 Ohm
Jumper Wires

Arduino Compatible SCM –
Electronics Equipments –
Module Board For Arduino –

LCD 16×02 Connection:
The Arduino’s +5V and GND will be connected to the pin of the breadboard
The LCD has 16 pins and the first one from left to right is the Ground (GND) pin
The second pin is the VCC which we connect the +5V pin on the breadboard.
Next is the Vo pin on which we can attach a potentiometer for the contrast of the display
The RS pin will be connected to the A0 pin of the Arduino.
The RW pin will be connected to the GND pin of the breadboard.
The E pin will be connected to the A1 pin of the Arduino.

Keypad 4×4 Connections:
The keypad has 8 pins, 4 of them are for the rows and other 4 pin for the columns.
The keypad I’m using is 4×4. It has an additional connection input. The keypad used in the circuit diagram is 3×4.
The Keypad’s pins will be connected respectively to the Digital 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 pin of the Arduino.

Keypad Library –

Download source code:

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