Today we will add a Real Time Clock to an Arduino. I’ll show you how the Tiny RTC is hooked up and how to use two ways, including with interrupts. We will also construct a temperature and humidity clock.

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The Arduino is a very versatile platform with many features, however one thing it cannot do is tell the time. In order to do that you will need a real time clock module.

A real time clock is essentially a digital clock that you can interface with a computer or microcontroller. The module we are going to use is the popular Tiny RTC, which interfaces with the Arduino using the I2C bus.

The Tiny RTC is based upon the DS1307 real time clock chip. This chip provides readings of the second, minute, hour, day, day of week, month and year. It adjusts for leap years and has a battery backup. And its available from several sources and it is very inexpensive.

I’ll show you how to hook up the Tiny RTC and how to set and read the time. We will then look at a more advanced method of using the Tiny RTC, using interrupts.

Here is the Table of Contents for today’s video:

Tiny RTC Module – 2:19
Hooking it up – 5:15
Setting the Time – 6:03
Reading the Time – 9:43
Creating Interrupts – 12:30
RTC with Temperature and Humidity – 19:58

As always there is an article on the DroneBot Workshop website with all of the code you’ll need to duplicate these experiments. You’ll find it at https://dbws/tinyrtc

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